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November 26, 2011
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"Frank stop it, you wanna hit your head, crack it wide open, get an infection, have maggots crawling into your brain and die you garçon stupide mais beau"

"Firstly Gerard VERY graphic, secondly I won't die, thirdly you know I fail at French so why do you have to call me stuff in a language I fail at speaking"

Frank crossed his arms and continued to rock back and forth on his classroom chair, only to be stopped by Gerard's hand reaching down and placing all four legs firmly on the floor. Frank was completely oblivious to Gerard's motherly over protection, and instead continued in his constant wining.

Gerard from time to time during the lesson would whisper things into Frank's ear that the other was completely incoherent to. What Frank missed out on was the other confessing his feeling to him, in the language of love. It was the only reason Gerard had taken this class, so he could confidently express his feelings for Frank, without the embarrassment of rejection.

"Frank je t'aime, tu es mon tout ce que vous beau garcon"

"geee please you know I'm failing French please don't make fun of me"

The words that Frank spoke almost burnt Gerard's ears. All he wanted to do was kiss frank and truly show him how loved he really was. But Frank was his best friend for god's sake, he would be disgusted that Gerard was a. Gay and b. loved him. Gerard was for too fragile; his heart ached every time he was away from the other. There had been lonesome nights when he had cried himself to sleep; purely over the fact Frankie could never love him.

"mon coeur fait mal quand je ne suis pas avec vous Frankie je t'aime"

"Gerard STOP it right now, I've been writing down what you've been saying and at the end of the lesson I'm am asking miss what you have been saying, cos its annoying me that you can't even tell me what's soo funny, or soo secretive that you have to hide behind a foreign language"

"Frankie you CANT ask miss what I've been saying please"

"Then tell me why you're always calling me mon idiot magnifique"

"I can't"

Frank ignored Gerard for the remainder of the lesson; he faced away from the other. But if he were to have turned his head 90 degrees his eyes would have been met with Gerard's full of tears. Gerard remained silently sobbing until the end of the lesson. When the bell sounded for the day's end he ran out of the classroom, his head held in his hands.

Frank gingerly walked up to Madame Parshon, a crumpled piece of paper cradled in his hand, on it was noted every French phrase that Gerard whispered into his ear.

"umm Madame, can you translate these for me?"

He passed the paper over to Madame; she looked at the paper for about a minute before writing the translations underneath.

"here you go Monsieur Iero, who ever said or wrote these to you must have a strong sense of  l'amour for you"

"okay thanks miss"

Frankie walked out of the classroom and out onto the bleachers. He sat down and stared at the paper:

garçon stupide mais beau
stupid but beautiful boy

Frank je t'aime, tu es mon tout ce que vous beau garcon
Frank I love you, you are my everything you beautiful boy

mon coeur fait mal quand je ne suis pas avec vous Frankie je t'aime
my heart hurts when im not with you Frankie I love you

mon idiot magnifique
my beautiful idiot

Frank clutched the paper to his chest. His heart was beating so fast he swore it was about leap out of his chest, tears where streaming down his face. After all these years, all these French lessons Gerard loved him back. He got up and started to walk over to the normal place where Gerard, Himself, Mikey, and Ray hand out. No doubt Gerard would be there.

We approached with caution when he saw Gerard was crying into Mikey's arms. He wracked his brain, trying to remember the exact words from his 3 years for French that would express his feeling for Gerard.

"Gee can I talk to you for a sec"


Frankie held out one of his hands for Gerard to take, their fingers laced within each others.

"Gerard je t'aime"

"what Frankie?"

"Je t'aime"

Frank pressed his lips to Gerard's, their fingers still laced. Gerard tasted of coffee and sugar, his lips felt like velvet, and when they kissed Frank felt like he was floating on air.

"Frankie mon idiot magnifique"

"Gérard mon ange noir"

Gérard mon ange noir -Gerard my dark angel

Frankie mon idiot magnifique- Frankie my beautiful idiot

Gerard je - Gerard i love you

mon idiot magnifique- my beautiful idiot

mon coeur fait mal quand je ne suis pas avec vous Frankie je t'aime- my heart hurts when im not with you Frankie i love you

Frank je t'aime, tu es mon tout ce que vous beau garçon- Frank i love you, you are my every thing you beautiful boy

garçon stupide mais beau- stupid but beautiful boy

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Empty-Phobias Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
...I have a new respect for French.
Ojjy Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012
this was soooooooooooo adorable I LOVE IT
boo-im-a-ghost Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012  Student General Artist
thank you <3
I take French at school so I knew what you were saying ^^ lol but noir means black silly goose. Really good story
boo-im-a-ghost Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011  Student General Artist
so do i, i just fail at it... plus i cba so i just used google translate :D
Lol it's okay. French translations are hard to do because everything is so literal
boo-im-a-ghost Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Student General Artist
i know -_-# urrg
You did a good job though :)
boo-im-a-ghost Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2011  Student General Artist
thank you ^_^ x
Your welcome :)
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